Customized mission trips

Construction work, Bible schools, feeding the homeless and more- you've got choices at C2K.

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Pick your dates

C2K is open for business year round. Reserve us for your next summer mission trip, alternative spring break, mid-winter or confirmation retreat, or even family mission day.

Pick your project

What are your strengths and interests? Would your group prefer to work with children? Paint a house? Coach soccer camp? At C2K, it’s your choice!

Pick your meal plan

We want to offer you the best hospitality we can. Meal plans we currently offer are: homecookin’, vegan, TexMex, beans and rice and the bacon option!

Pick your fun day!

If you choose to have a fun day, we’ll help you plan it. There are choices for all budgets, from a trip to Six Flags to a free day of geocaching in nearby parks.

-Family Missions Weekend allowed me to experience new and budding relationships with you and others in your congregation. I feel above all God wants us to love one another in His name. -Sandra
Special thanks in part to Mullen & Mullen Law Firm for their generous support