Bennett Hall is the name of the two-story, red brick building in which C2K is housed. It can sleep up to forty-eight guests in three rooms located on the first floor. The small room has four bunks beds to sleep a total of eight people. The medium room has eight bunk beds that sleep up to sixteen people. The largest room can accommodate up to twenty-four people. There is also ample floor space upstairs for people with sleeping bags and/air mattresses. C2K does not usually supply linens, however special arrangements can be made for an additional fee.The second floor of Bennett Hall features a large meeting room that can be configured to meet your changing needs. It serves as the dining hall, orientation room and informal worship space for C2K. This room shares the second floor with a full kitchen equipped with two ovens and two refrigerators.Bennett Hall has a men’s restroom and ladies’ shower room downstairs. The reverse is true upstairs where the men’s shower is located.

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