Our mission is to CONNECT with our clients by providing custom programming for any age or denomination, CONNECT to the community through service and partnership and to CONNECT to Christ using our work as worship.


legacyLegacy Founders Cottage: A counseling and special care facility for those with HIV and AIDSPTPTPT


People Helping People: has been assisting people homeowners 62+ years of age with minor exterior home repairs. Repairs include replacing rotted wood, scraping, and painting, rebuilding/replacing steps, handrails, porches, demolishing small structures, and removing open storage from yards PTPTPT


Project Transformation: Program supporting undeserved children and families.


WesleyRankin Wesley Rankin Community CenterB3X is A science, math, and music/arts enrichment camp for kids grades 1-8. Volunteers will be asked to work with small groups on specific activities, as well as with larger groups for large group activities. PTPTPT


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